The Legality of Online Sport Betting

There are no popular sports free from online sport betting, but many people still discuss about whether the betting is legal or not, since it is basically gambling. Even United States has hard times to decide whether they should legalize online sport betting or not, and different states have different point of views in viewing online betting.
Online Sport Betting in Other Countries
Islam dominated countries such as Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries make online gambling illegal, but many people have found ways to operate betting websites, and online betting has become quite big business (albeit illegal in such countries), with bettors come from various demography and financial backgrounds.
Sport betting has become norms in sport world, and in many sports such as football and horseracing, the betting is so open and not really a secret. Even in countries that essentially make gambling illegal, people usually still have soft spots on betting on sport games online Sbobet di
Conclusion: Illegal, but Not that Illegal
In the end, many people only consider online sport betting as a way to spice up their favorite games. People understand that no one gets rich simply from betting at sport games, let alone making it a career or investment. Therefore, while online sport betting is illegal in many countries, in the end most people just do it for fun and treat it as an inseparable part of modern sport.
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